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Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects
Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects

Rentals - WS-SP2A Line Level Subwoofer Processor

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Product Description

Type:   Line Level Subwoofer Processor
Input Connectors:   2 Balanced - Input A : Input B
(Female XLR type) 74dB 20kOhms
Output Connectors:   4 Unbalanced 1/4" (6.3mm) +4dB
Output A: High Pass Processed
Output B: High Pass Processed
Output VLF: Sum of A & B Band Pass
Output a+b: Sum of A & B a;; pass
Output Level:   (mix) +20dB
Load Impedance:   600ohms (mimimum)
Gain:   (pink noise) Unity
Output Noise Level:   -95dBn or less

Outputs A,B A+B
0.05% or less (+4dB at 1kHz)
Output VLF
0.05% or less (+4dB at 35Hz)

Cross Talk:   60dB or more at 10kHz
Turn On Delay:   3 - 5 seconds
Dimensions:   H: 44.5mm W: 210mm D: 210mm
Weight:   1.8kgs